Life and Success

By Broderick Judith

Satiated, desiring but not having enough food to offer some, is also poverty,

Sheltered, wishing, but failing to accommodate a guest, is also poverty,

Treated, prescribed, but unable to effort better treatment is also poverty,

Clothed, requiring but can't afford sufficient to meet the need is also poverty,

Educating, meritorious, but failing to provide better education is also poverty,

Social, invited but avoiding a ceremony to avoid buying a gift is also poverty,

Celebration, aspiring but fearing expenses not celebrating is also poverty,

Friend in distress, desiring but incompetent to help a friend is also poverty,

oppressed, rights denied, deciding but failing to buy justice is also poverty,

Time elapsed but not repaying debts for not having money is also poverty. POVERTY IS A DISEASE THAT NEED TO BE CURSE