Thursday, September 1, 2011


Success in life start with a dream that is no one in life can be great or successful without dream. Your dream of today is the raw material with which God will construct your future. No dream no future.
In this world we owe all progress to practical dreamers. Dr. Ojeagbase had a dream today we have complete sport and success Digest “it was a dream, which has long ...become a reality”. Bose Ayeni also had a dream to feed the nation and today we have tantalizer everywhere. Pastor Adeboye had a dream and today we have Redemption Camp, Redeemer’s University and so on.
Check those who became something great in the contemporary world they all have dreams. For you to experience a great change in your life, it must start with a dream.
One of best thing that can ever happen to you is for you to fulfill your greatest dream. The joy and the proof of your dream is to come to reality. All the people mentioned above did just achieve their dream on a platter of gold they went through fire before their dream become a reality. They succeeded because they look beyond what they are going through and focused on where they are going to. Where you are going to is greater than what you are going through.
In my book “you don’t have to believe in my dream” I explained on how every great dream will automatically attracts opposition and criticism and how every opposition is for your up position that if you mind opposition you will loose your position in life.
As a young man, I have seen myself achieving some dreams which years back I didn’t think I would have achieved so soon. Watch out for my books, How to discover and totally fulfill your greatest dream and the power of your inner eye. Coming out soon, in it I explain on how to become what God want you to become in life.
Sometimes years ago I told my brothers that I will be inviting some great speakers to speak at my programmes. They all laugh because it seems impossible and today a God has made it a reality.
I have discovered something about dream. Your dream has the potential to attract what you want in life. There is a saying I respect so much – Dream big because when you dream big, it will attract big people and big people will make big things happen in your life. But when you dream small it will attract small people and small people will cause big problem in your life.
I want to challenge you to dream big. What stand between you and your dream is time, that is it is just a matter of time; your greatest dream will come to pass. Begin to dream of what you want from life now.
Dream of good career and business. Dream of good marriage because it is possible to have a stress free marriage, dream of a great future.
That does not mean you will not go through anything. Infact the birth of your dream will announce itself to dream killers and dream helpers. Learn more from my book coming out soon “HOW TO DISCOVER AND FULFILL YOUR GREATEST DREAM”.


- Have a dream: - If you lack a dream; you lack a future because it is easy to direct someone who is willing to go somewhere. You can not expect harvest, if you have no seed.

- God: You may have the greatest dream in life, if God did not bless it, you will not excel. You need God in every areas of your life. Commit your dream in God’s hand and you will be rest assured that you will get to where you are going in life.

- Determination: No one succeed without determination. Most things I have achieved it was because I determined to achieve it.

- Passion: What keeps great people going in life is the passion for their dreams. You look beyond what you are going through. Pregnant women don’t bother about the pain for nine months but they look forward to the day they will carry her babies. Look beyond the pain and focus on the gain you will receive.
- Focus- If you are not focus, you will never achieve your dream. It took Joseph and David 13 years to achieve their dream. But they remained focus. Your friend may be achieving their dreams now, be focus because your dream will also come to pass. We are like seeds, seeds are different. You may plant them on the same day but they won’t grow at the same time and even they will never produce the same fruits. Very Soon people will envy you if you are focus.

- Consistency: The reason we are celebrating Dr. Ojeagbase, Bose Ayeni today it is because they are consistence in what they are doing. If you will succeed, you must be known for something for a long time.

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