About Us

House of discovery is a brand of Gotright Consulting; a multidimensional platform that seeks to educate  people on how to discover and grow their talents into a successful career or business.We are also into business development and repackaging.
we believe that is is not you kind of business you do is the problems but the way you do it, your attitude to your career or business. Every talent has a corresponding business and  talent is not only found in music, sports acting, dancing and all the other entertainment genres. we believe that doctor and lawyers nurses, plumbers and technicians and other many fields of endeavor have talents.

We also run platform called Christian Business Network, where Christians come together to brain storm and birth business ideas and network together to launch it.

Our vision is to be a major player in the development of a new generation of professionals and entrepreneurs who would run highly successful businesses and careers based on scriptural principles.

  • To empower youths with entrepreneurship knowledge.
  • Redirect derailing destinies and talents
  • Teach people how to grow their talent based business and career
  • Restore self esteem and integrity in the lives of young people 
  • we seek to grow dynamic world class businesses from some and medium establishments.

  • We conduct career and business seminars
  • Special seminars for artisans and micro-scale business
  • Personnel recruitment,screening and  interviews.
  • Business development, advertising and promotions
  • We offer strategic below the line advertising
  • Social network and internet marketing
  • self discovery and talents discovery worshops
  • Business networking and brain storming
we believe in your capacity ans a gifted person and the potentials of our country and community, so we ask you to join us as we make a difference by the spirit of excellence in us.