Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Prosper Today

Life can be a tough customer.
And very rarely does life give out second chances or "Do Overs"..
In fact it only happens once a year..
The night we set the clocks back from Daylight Saving Time.
It's the one time in the year we get the chance to re-do an entire hour of our life.
Wouldn't it be nice to re-do an entire year?
Say what?... An entire year?

So. What if you could go back and re-do an entire year's worth of income?
If you played your cards right, you'd have twice as much money as you have right now.
Unless someone could show you how to bend the odds in your favor.
Well Martins, that's what this email is about.
We want to throw something your way that could help you make the most of this year. With the right effort and guidance you could end up with at least twice as much money as you would otherwise make just doing what you're doing now..
Our close partner Bob Gatchel is passing out an income Do Over.
But here's the catch. You only get it.. If you go get it.
Think about it. Your current income times two..
And the best part is - you don't have to go back in time and play catch up.

We're not making any pie in the sky promises - because the truth is - some people are just going to go into the new year in the same place they are now..
But.. Here at Prosper we like to think that we only serve exceptional people - which in theory could very well mean that you are the exception.
So think about it. Twice the year's income in just a few hours a week.
What would that look like in terms of income and finances?
Again.. Anything worth having is worth working for..
But we have to warn you right now..  This isn't some get rich quick scheme.. And it certainly isn't a something for nothing deal.
Well.. There may be a little something for nothing...
You'll just have to go and see..

To Your Success,