Monday, October 26, 2009

what a place to be in

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life at its peak

(The Frisky) -- Who was the first person you called the day your ex dumped you? Or that time you found a weird bump? Or the day you stumbled across that pair of barely worn Christian Louboutins at the Goodwill?

If you're like me, you called a girlfriend. While I love my man, and adore my cats to what some might consider a scary degree, the relationships I have with my girls is on an entirely different plane.

They're the funniest, smartest, weirdest (in a good way!) gaggle of broads I've ever met and I feel lucky every day to have them around.

It wasn't always this way. I've had to prune my posse (please note that I've also been kicked out of people's lives as well) and have discovered some types to avoid.

Drama queen

The Drama Queen isn't happy (and "happy" is a relative term here) unless she's freaking out. Little things us boring normals would shrug off -- like a missed bus or parking ticket -- become monumental shriekfests. She doesn't get the flu, she gets oh-my-god-I-think-it's-cancer! Everything is a crisis, and she demands constant handholding and attention.

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Luckily, these types can't help but reveal their true colors pretty quickly and unless you're content to be cast as an extra in your own life, you'll banish her from the set.

Nurse Betty

There is nothing that makes this one as happy as a friend in need. This may seem like a good quality (and often is -- for a while), but once you've got your butt back in gear, she either loses interest or, worse, reminds you constantly of how bad things once were, in the hopes that you'll fall back into feeling like crap so she can "save" you again.

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You have two choices with this type -- either arrange it so you're constantly in crisis, or pretend you're problem-free so she gets bored. Better yet, introduce her to the drama queen --they'll be very happy together.


"I don't have female friends because all the women I meet are jealous of me." Yes, someone actually said this to me. Instead, this person prefers her friends to be of the male variety -- ideally hopelessly in love with her and willing to do her bidding.

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You don't really have to worry about ditching this snot because she doesn't want anything to do with you in the first place.

The critic

Also known as the frenemy, the critic is chockfull of helpful suggestions. For instance, you know your favorite dress? Well, it makes you look kind of fat. No offense. Speaking of which -- have you gained a little weight? Or are you pregnant? Are you sure? Well, never mind, you can have some of her old "fat" clothes since she has no use for them anymore.

Understandably, Critics have a fairly high turnover rate in the friend department. I unfriended one such mean girl only to have her show up at a mutual friend's birthday party -- for the sole purpose of telling the birthday girl exactly what was wrong with her! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

The leg humper

Do you know what it's like to walk into a bar and find one of your closest friends making out with the guy you've had a crush on for an entire year? I do! Granted, that's nowhere near as bad as my friend Melissa who discovered her husband was schtupping her BFF, but still. It stung. And sure, nobody forced Melissa's husband to be a cheating jerk, but a good girlfriend never would've gone there with him.

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You'll know when you're in the presence of one of these bottom-feeders by the way you become invisible the second there's a guy in the vicinity.

So yeah, I had to learn the hard way. But having been put through the wringer by these types of lady-scoundrels makes me doubly appreciate the awesome dames I still have in my life.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

love some body and go the extra mile today

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hi my name is martins an to day marks the beggining of a new day in you life.i will be talking on positive living with positive menatl attitude towards you life work,study etc. first i would want you to un derstand that there are somany things about you that is yet to happen no matter what you are passing through. read on.

There are things not yet done
Secrets not yet unveiled
Speeches not yet made
Ways no one has found
Messages not yet delivered
Voices no one has beard
Mysteries no one has demystified
Places where no one has been
Inventions not yet discovered

We are waiting for the manifestation of
Of these things
You are destined to do these things

A tear not been wiped
There is a soul that needs to be comforted
There are wounds that needs to be healed
There are bones that needs to be strengthened

There is a groping arm in the darkness
A foot on the path
A that path needs light
Light to destroy the night
Light to stop the fight
And make things right
There are things that are yet undone

You CAN’T but do it again
Seal not the mouth
Because you will have to kiss again
Break not the hand
Because you will have to hold again
Mangle not the lead because
You will have to walk again
Pluck not the eye
For you have not seen the beautiful ones
Shut not your heart
Because you will have to love again
Cut not your tongue
For you will have to taste again
Blow not the bridge
Because you will have to cross again
Sink not the ship
You may have to sail again
Quench not the light
For you must have to sail again

You have a treasure
That gives you pleasure
Which has no measure?
A precious treasure
You have to ensure
That it is secured

There are hearts that seek to love but don’t know how to love or who to love
There are hearts that need love but no one to love them
There is heaviness in someone’s heart to express warmth to some one
There is a hunger to fill the empty cup of a thirsty soul in some one
The seeker does not know how to express and who to express the love to
The seeked don’t know who to go to
To be healed of the wounds of denial for so long
The seekers encounter the wrong people
The seeked encounter the wrong
Let the seeker and the seeked be reached out to

A smile
This is a story, a story of regret. I write this tale so you won’t forget. A tale of a broken heart
Past over time after time, until one day i decided it had to be told. I wanted to leave all the pain behind. No person would share his or her love, not even a little touch. No one would ever give a smile, just a smile, but it meant so much. If any one had, she would have gone on living
However, I was too busy, that was my reason. This heart has walked three miles looking and longing for one smile
She stopped at a bridge, no smile to be found she calmly looked down, and soon death would come around. The very next day that heart was found smashed in the sea, within it no trace of love found. All that heart needed was just a smile. However, hundreds of people passed by all that while. I often see that girl’s face
I just looked down with a frown. What would I have done? With my friends all around, could I have helped that girl not to drawn? All she needed was a smile. A smile that I am now happy to give. A smile I shall share as long as I live. The most destitute person in the world is the one with out a smile.

Michelle McGann was seven years old when she picked up her first set of golf clubs. As an amateur golfer, McGann's success is ranked among the best of all time. Since joining the LPGA tour in 1988, she has won seven LPGA Tour victories, and her 4-0 playoff record is the best in LPGA history.