Thursday, December 16, 2010

Discover your talents and grow them into a successsful business...2

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start up a thing. Action always generates inspiration; inspiration seldom generates action.
Frank Tibolt
Back in the days when people decide to take on a career in comedy, music, football, cooking or any other of such professions, they are regarded as the never do wells who were not intelligent enough to study the so called professional career courses. But in these days, we see a serious boom in the world of talent based professions and the most paid people in the world are now models, musicians, actors and actresses, footballers, chefs, athletes etc.
It has never been like this before. In the past, for you to be relevant in the society, you have to be a lawyer, doctor, an engineer and like professions. It is also believed that teaching is noble but not lucrative therefore it’s undesirable. The teachers even today are greatly under paid, in fact Dr. Ben Carson lamented about the poor pay package of teachers in one of his books comparing them with people in sports.

Life is what more than running out early in the morning and crawling back in the night from one job or the other feeling weak, worn-out, tired, used up and burnt out. If satisfaction and fulfillment is not derived from the above life style, them it’s of no use. It’s hollow, empty and consequently unrewarding no matter the amount of money you get as salary. A lot of people are slaves; modern day slaves, doing what they don’t like doing, struggling to execute a job and at same time barely keeping the job.
The ever evolving times and seasons of the universe has introduced these days to emphasize on the relevance of ones talent and natural gifts. With the developmental change blowing through the universe, more attention is being paid to what you can effortlessly do, what you enjoy doing and what you love doing, what you are uniquely gifted in. Samuel Doyin, one of the foremost and most successful industrialists and business man in Nigeria said “the best thing in the world is to do what you enjoy doing”